Stud Couplings with Nut & Ferrule



Tube Connectors : Straight Coupling , Equal Elbow, Equal Tee, Equal Cross.Straight Bulk Head Coupling, Bulk Head Elbow.Male Stud Connectors : Parallel Male Stud Coupling , Taper Male Stud Coupling ,Parallel Male Stud Elbow, Taper Male Stud Elbow,Parallel Male Stud Tee, Taper Male Stud Tee,Swivel Fitting : Swivel Elbow , Swivel Elbow Connector, Swivel Tee, Swivel Tee Connector, Swivel Banjo Connector.Female Stud Fittings : Parallel Female stud Coupling, Female Elbow Connector,Female Tee Connector , Pressure Gauge Adaptors ,Reducers , Adaptors : Straight Reducing Couplings , Reducing Elbow, Reducing Tee, Male Female Reducers.Plugs & Adaptors : Hex Head Plugs, Socket Head Plug, Hose Adaptors,.Pipe Clamps : Polypropylene, Polyamide & Aluminum (Standard & Heavy Series).Quick disconnect couplings : Quick release couplings – SS & MS, Camlock couplings- SS 1 Fittings supplied as per International Specification Din 2353.2 Fittings supplied in CS & SS (304, 316 etc.)3 Fittings supplied for different pressure applications :4 Series L for SPM, Machine tool industries, Hydraulic return line and other low & medium pressure applications.5 Series S for applications like Ship building, Mining, Steel plants, Aviation Industries , power plant, DG set & other high pressure lines.6 Flareless Bite Type Fittings (Ferrule Fittings).7 Fittings supplied with weld nipple for High pressure applications.8 Fittings of non-standard range can be supplied as per customers requirements & drawings.

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