Male Stud Coupling
Welding Torch And Soldering Torch Male Stud Couplings
Straight Male Stud Coupling
Male Coupling
SS Male Stud Couplings
Stainless Steel 316 NPT Female Stud Coupling Connector
Elbow Coupling, For Hydraulic Fittings
Parallel Male Stud Coupling
Male Stud Couplings, For Hydraulic Pipe
Straight Male Stud Coupling
Female Male Stud Couplings
Mild Steel Elastomeric Seal Male Stud Coupling
Stainless Steel Parallel Male Stud Coupling
Ferrule SS Hyloc PMS MSC Male Stud Coupling
Ss Hydraulic Male Stud Coupling



Global Transmission manufactures Weld Nipple Type Fittings are ideal for high pressure application and they provide absolute sealing action under most severe pressure shocks. All different types of connections are available in weld nipple type fittings. Materials construction can be stainless steel or carbon steel and its maximum pressure up to 1000 bars.

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