SS Braided Expansion Bellows

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Braided Expansion Joints

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Manufacturer of Braided expansion joints in Kolkata which are constructed with a corrugated inner bellows and braided cover that helps increasing the pressure resistance rating and provides end limitations that the need for additional control assemblies.They are assembled using annularly corrugated stainless steel bellows and high strength stainless steel braiding. They are designed for optimum performance in vibration applications and to reduce vibration in mechanical piping systems.

Advantages of Using Braided Expansion Joints:

• They prevent damage to pumps result of the piping stress.
• They absorb vibration and noise in pump connections.
• They are installed easily and prevent the possible pump failures.
• They have a compact design that reduces the waste of space.
• The bellows and the braiding are manufactured with stainless steel material
• To provide required piping flexibility to the systems in order to maintain proper operating conditions.
• To protect equipment from stress due to misalign


Bellow Material: Stainless Steel AISI 321 (opt.304,316L,316TI,309)
Braiding Material: Stainless Steel AISI 304
Connection Types: Fixed and Floating Flanged and Welded End
Flange Material: Carbon Steel St.37.2 as standard, the material can be customised on request

Operation Conditions
Operating Temperature: -80°C/+600°C
Operating Pressure: PN 16/25
Nominal Diameters: DN25 (1”) – DN250 (10”)

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