Flange Fitted SS Wire braided Metalic Flexible Hoses



Our Wire braided Metallic bellows are required in pipe lines or ducts for creating a high pressure through application of high temperature. These are deployed in the pipes or ducts to accommodate pressure and thermal movements (Axial, Lateral, Angular and Combined in the duct and pipelines) or expansion of the duct, which occurs due to high pressure and temperature. We are a full expansion joint manufacturer providing a wide range of flexible industrial components. The Thermal movement in pipelines and ducting is occured by the following: 1. The temperature cycles during the system’s operation 2. The system is exposed to a wide variety of ambient temperature 3. The temperature of the system when installed (or not in operation) is different from that of the temperature during operation. If the above metioned thermal movements (expansion and contraction with increasing and decreasing temperature) are not considered in the system design, they may cause high stress, and possibly result in failure of the piping or connected equipment. To compensate the thermal movements, expansion devices such as expansion joints, metal bellows, ball joints, packed expansion joints, and flexible metal hose are used in the duct or pipelines. Global transmission manufactures a complete range of metallic bellows expansion joints, which works as a flexible seal. The convoluted part of the joint is designed to flex when thermal movement in the piping system occurs. It is mainly designed to accommodate lateral, angular and axial movements in the pipeline or ducts. Expansion can occur in one, two or three motions with a single expansion joint design. EXPANSION BELLOWS ARE MADE OF BOTH ROUND AND RECTANGULAR SHAPE, BASED ON THE TYPE OF DUCTS.


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