Ptfe Smooth Bore Ss Braided Hose



PTFE hose with a stainless steel braiding, available up to 1-1/4″ diameters. The diameters listed reflect nominal sizing. For true bore or actual diameters please call the factory for pricing and availability.

It is lightweight, and handles a very broad range of chemicals at relatively high temperatures and pressures, and will not deteriorate in service. It is used in countless tough industrial applications where continual large bending is not required. Commonly provided with JIC, NPT or many other fittings.

Temperature range is -65F to 450F.

PTFE hose assemblies which are ideal for food. pharmaceutical and Biotech applications.

General qualities of PTFE:

  • exceptional chemical resistance – only a handful of substances affect PTFE
  • wide range of temperature resistance (from -70°C to +450°C)
  • very good aging and weather conditions resistance
  • self cleaning properties – substances do not stick to hose walls

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