Brewery and Winery Hose



Food Grade Beer and Wine Transfer Hose and Tubing

Our hoses for the brewery and wine industries meet government and industry sanitary requirements, are flexible, lightweight and resilient, accept industry-standard full-flow designed to withstand the rugged cleaning cycles used in beer, wine and food processing systems. Our hoses provide clean, robust, worry-free service in diverse processing and transfer operations, from the smallest local breweries to the largest national wineries. Beer brewing and winemaking is an art and a science, requiring a systematic progression of operations. Blending, filtering, stabilizing, preserving, bottling, cleanup and related tasks require the transfer of ingredients and product in equipment or between vessels. Frequently this transfer occurs through rigid stainless steel pipe or tubing.


Beer and wine, milk, potable water, non-fatty and non-oily foods, sanitary products, In-plant and tank transfer, delivery and transport.

Working Pressure:

200 psi

Temp Range:

-40°F to +225°F (-40°C to +107°C)
Size Range (ID):
1-1/2″ to 4″ (38.1 mm to 101.6 mm)


Multiple textile plies with dual wire helixnish

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