PTFE-Lined Metal Expansion Joints

PTFE-Lined Metal Expansion Joints



PTFE-Lined Metal Expansion Joints

The corrosion resistance of PTFE with the pressure and safety characteristics of stainless steel. A smooth core PTFE liner inside a corrugated metal hose and braid is available with standard, metric or special flanges. Units can also be provided with floating flanges to facilitate installation.

For environmentally corrosive applications, these units can also be provided with vulcanized elastomeric coverings

Benefits of Utilizing Expansion Joints

  • They are recommended for use in the chemical and pulp paper industries because of their capabilities to resist corrosive attack, high temperatures and pressures.
  • Chemical resistance/anti-stick properties
  • Noise and vibration dampening/high flexibility
  • Thermal stability/resistance to age cracking
  • High pressure rating/temperature rating of up to 400 degrees F available


Floating type (150#, 300# or metric). A drill is available in carbon steel, Stainless Steel and nickel alloys or PTFE coated to meet your specific requirements.

Additional Types of Expansion Joints

Lined, Hinged, Dual and Universal Tied

Note: For environmentally corrosive applications; laminated, (multi-ply) bellows as well as the optional features listed below are available.

  • Highly corrosive chemical-petrochemical systems
  • Abrasive industrial process piping systems
  • Power generating and waste water treatment plants
  • Pulp/paper systems and marine services
  • Pollution control systems
  • Food processing industries

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