Hose for Coal (Dust) Injection



Suitable for use as a coal injection hose in steelworks or for other abrasive transport media The high abrasion-resistant inner layer of polyurethane rubber, withstands the largest burdens.
The plies of rubber, glass fiber and steel provide a long service life and a high reliability under extreme operating conditions
Highest resistance to radiant heat and flames
Tube Black, high abrasion resistant inner layer . Suitable for fine and abrasive products.

Electrically conductive (R < 10^6 Ω)

Braided reinforcement of steel
Heat protection plies in braided glass fiber
Several intermediate layers
Reinforcement of fabric plies

EPDM outer layer, black, antistatic fabric textured, flame resistant and self-extinguishing, resistant to abrasion, ozone, weather and high temperatures
ND125: CR outer layer, black
Temperature resistance media

Resistant: from – 30°C up to + 120°C
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