Rubber Slurry and Suction Hose


Core : Black colour, Synthetic and natural rubber blend resistant to abrasion

Reinforcement : High Tensile Synthetic Textile cord

Cover : Black colour, Synthetic rubber resistant to ozone, weather and abrasion

Application: For Cement/ Plaster/ Sand placement/Iron ore and in construction industry

Working Pressure:25 Bar (25Kg/cm2) Proof Pressure:1.5 times of W.P. Bursting Pressure: 3 times of W.P. Reinforcement: 2 or 3 galvanized wire helices embedded in layers of Rubber compounds End Connection: Built –in- Flange Type Maxim length: 15 Mtr till 5” Dia Application: Suction & Discharge of Sand and Gravel, Mud Slurry, Concrete Slurry/Mining Particles etc. Bore: Smooth Bore Bending Radius:10xInner Diameter of Hose Vacuum:Minimum700mmHg (0.9Bar) Lining material: NR/SBR Resistant to the passage of Abrasive and Corrosive Products Hardness-50 to 60 Shore A. Carcass: Synthetic Textile Plies with Embedded Steel Helix Coating Material: Resistance to Severe and Bad Weather Temperature: @1 Deg C to 100 Deg C



A trusted and leading manufacturer of slurry and mud rubber hose, We provides highly abrasion resistant and soft natural rubber compound offerings. It has a low resistant electrical binding wire that is embedded between the reinforcement plies to enable electrical continuity along the length of the slurry and mud rubber hose. It has an excellent resistance to weather and abrasion. It finds it applications for grouting at irrigation projects, bridges and building sites among others. The range is rigorously tested to ensure the highest quality and performance. Our slurry and mud rubber hose has a robust construction and performance.

End Fitting: MS Flange as per Specification.

Working Pressure ‐ 10 to 25kg/cm2

Color: Black

Vaccum: 500 to 700hg

Mud Rubber Hose Manufacturer
Temperature ‐ 150° C Top: Plain and Corrugated.

Lining : Synthetic Rubber High Ablation Resistance.

Reinforcement: High Quality and Heat Resistance Fabric and Tyre Cord Reinforcement.

Helical Wire: 10 WWG to 8 SWG High Tensile Spring Helical Wire

Cover: Weather Resistance Synthetic Rubber

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