Manufacturer of Hoses for Steel Mills



Steel manufacturing utilizes a variety of metal hose assemblies to accommodate a multitude of applications. These include, but are not limited to, oxygen lance hose assemblies on BOF’s (basic oxygen furnaces), steam lines, gas lines, lubrication lines, cut-off torches, furnace door cooling hoses, tap hole drills, and spray chamber cooling lines.

Because of the high heat and corrosive gases generated in this industry, metal hose is an ideal fit for the stringent environment associated with steel manufacturing.

Examples of Steel Mill applications that use metal hose are:

Blast Furnace
BOF Furnace
Boiler & Generation Units
Coke Oven & Coke By-ProductsMasterflex, Extraflex, ChemKing
Cooling Water
High Temperature Lubricating Lines
Oxygen Lance
Vacuum Degasser
Lime Injection
Liner and Guard
Caster Cutoff Torch
Plate Mill
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