Clamp type flexible rubber expansion joint



Our clamp type rubber joint also known as absorber, expansion joint, shock absorber, compensator, flexible joint and hose clamps, it use clamp instead of flange and bolt, install the pipe orifice on both sides of rubber joint to the connecting pipeline, then use clamp to fix connection between rubber joint and pipelines; just loosen the clamp when dismounting. In this way to compensate pipeline displacement which is caused by thermal expansion and water delivery. Clamp type rubber joint composed of inner rubber layer, fabrics enhancement layer and outer rubber layer, then by molding vulcanization and combine with clamp. Inner rubber directly bear abrasion and corrosion of medium delivered; outer rubber layer protect rubber joint from being damaged and corroded by external environmental; enhancement layer is the pressure-bearing layer, giving rubber joint strength and stiffness, the working pressure of rubber joint depends on material and structure of enhancement layer. General rubber joint’s inner and outer rubber layer use NR, SBR or BR; oil resistant rubber joint use NBR; acid-base resistant, high temperature resistant rubber joint use EPDM. For clamp materials, there has stainless steel and carbon steel, commonly we use stainless steel.

Comparing to flange type rubber joint, clamp type rubber joint has following features:

  1. Clamp type rubber joint saved cost of flange and bolt, saved project expenses;
  2. Clamp type rubber joint has no need of upsiding down edges, which simplified production process, saved raw material;
  3. Clamp type rubber joint simplified installation and maintenance, promoted working efficiency;
  4. Clamp is made from stainless steel, which is anti corrosive. Diameter is from DN32 to DN1000, pressure grade is from 0.25mpa to 1.0mpa.

Clamp type flexible rubber expansion joint even more adapt to pipeline vibration and changes, especially suitable for water pump inlet and outlet, pipeline vibration caused by eddy would lead to bolt looseness. clamp type rubber joint has good sealing property, the greater of pipeline pressure, the better of sealing effect, thus, clamp type rubber joint has no strict requirements on pipe pressure change range, and that’s the main reason why clamp type rubber joint has been widespread used. Beneficial for clamp type rubber joint’s advantages of small external diameter, oil resistant, heat resistant, light weight, flexible and durable, it has been widely used in aviation, petroleum, chemical engineering, metallurgy, electric power, papermaking, medicine, food, wood, tobacco and transportation & steel industries.

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