Carbon Free Rubber Hoses



Global Transmission engaged in manufacturing a wide range of Carbon Free Rubber Hoses which are used for covering wires of the electrical and electronics devices. All our hoses are designed using high grade raw materials to provide high flexibility. These electrical accessories are widely acclaimed for the notable properties such as high flexibility, light weight. We endeavor to provide most reliable and genuine products at the most reasonable price.In the steel, metal and foundry industries, Induction equipments are being used to melt or heat different metals. This induction furnaces operate at high power, high voltage and high current. This high electrical power passes through semiconductor devices, capacitor, inductor, several copper busbar, water cooled cable, induction coil. As very high current passes through all different component it get heated up. to cool this component we have to provide water cooling or in other sense we have to pass water through these component, But this component carry very high voltage so we have to flow non conductive-distilled water and also the rubber hose, which used to supply water must be non conductive.So for induction equipment rubber hose reqire following specification• Rubber must be carbon free• non conductive, very low leakage current at high voltage• must withstand operating pressure• long durability–synthetic rubber having long durability• operating temperature more than 120 °C• Good flexibility to accommodate small band• good abrasive strength to protect from external wear and tear

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