Tanker Hoses



We are involved in the production of excellent Induatrial Rubber Hose for transfer of various Applications. Our Hoses are perfect example of durability and high quality.


Lining Resistant to petroleum liquids.
Reinforcement Cotton textile or synthetic material with  G. I. Embedded wire.
Cover Resistant to weather abrasion and petroleum products.
Electrical Continuity By providing anti-static copper wire.
End connections Normally flanged type  or  threaded  nipple  i .e.  built  in  type / vulcanize / crimped / swaged in hose.
Couplings As per BS 2464 or Lug type  or  Camlock  type.  Male or   female or both end male or female as per requirement of purchaser.
Discharging of petrol and diesel  oil  from  tank  truck  &   between tank, & trucks & trailers, suitable for  pressure,   vacuum and self discharge. Very low deformation where   used for petrol.

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