Beer Line Hoses & Tubing



This vinyl hose meets or exceeds all the rigid demands for draft beer dispensing systems. Draft beer hose that meets the brewery’s criteria has passed through a series of quality tests, which include taste and odor evaluations. This vinyl tubing remains flexible and durable at recommended temperatures and pressures. It will not rot, swell, or dry out and is unaffected by normal cleaning compounds.

Most breweries prefer clear to be able to see the beer in the hose for quality assurance purposes.
Our standard poly tubing is a monolayer tube made of 100% virgin materials. Due to its low cost and good temperature conductivity poly tubing is most commonly used for glycol recirculating lines. Not recommended for beverages.
Reinforced with a high strength braid to withstand up to four times the pressure of vinyl hose. Recommended for use with high-pressure regulators when pressure exceeds 50 PSI.

A major property of these polymers is that they do not impart an off-taste into the Beer even after prolonged storage in the tube.

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