Camlock Couplings



couplings enable pipe and hose connections to be made without the use of hands tools; thus eliminating the difficulty in making threaded connections or a flanged connection. Almost instantly connections can be made to an outlet, a faucet, a valve, a tank or coupling lengths of hose. No pipe fitting skills, wrenches or tools are required. A connection is made by simply pushing the handles down to the sides of the coupler.

• SUPERIOR quality body – precision machined surfaces
• Meets or exceeds Military standards
• Highest quality standards employed
• Uniform wall thickness assessors no coupler bodies
• Large diameter cam ears for longer service life
• Extra high strength handes for assurance in connections
• Recess retains gasket in coupler
• Stainless Steel cam pins for long wear and ease of replacement


PERFECT–TITE cam –lock couplings are standards throughout the petroleum industry –on tank trucks, tank trailers, tank farms, refineries, etc.-where “leak proof”, speed and simplicity of connection and utmost reliability are required. EVER-TITE couplings are also used in breweries, wineries, pharmaceutical for connections that are made frequently such as to holding tanks, batch equipment wash lines and waste lines.

Liquefied mixtures of coal, charcoal, cranberries, grapes – practically any slurry that can be pumped –can be conveyed with PERFECT-TITE quick couplings.

PERFECT-TITE couplings are used in air –veying systems for conveying grain, sugar, cement, pellets and other airborne products to and from silos, bins, hoppers, railroad cars and process equipment
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