Hydraulic Quick Release Couplings



Quick couplings are made in carbon steel and in stainless steel. The most important characteristics are compactness, practicality and safeness.

Field of Application:
quick coupling is mostly used in industrial plants, also thanks to its interchangeability with other couplings produced by other world wide known manufacturers.

The coupling which is used in a wide range of industries, such as: Steel plants, Shipbuilding, Off-shore, Chemical, Food, Oil refinery, Pharmaceutical, etc.

Characteristics and Optionals:
Material: high resistance carbon steel bars.
balls mechanical coupling system.
Buna N nitriclic rubber seals.
Teflon anti-extrusion ring.
Temperature range from – 20 to 100oC.
Standard BSP threads.
Protection with white / yellow chromium zinc passivation Series IRBX Technical Characteristics and Optionals.
Spring and balls in AISI 302/316 stainless steel.
Brass flow vanes.
Viton seals with temperature ranging from – 10 to 180oC.
Anti-extrusion Teflon ring.
Standard BSP and NPT threads.

QRC stand for quick-release-couplings, and these are used to connect and/or quickly disconnect hydraulic lines quickly and without the use of time-wasting and often cumbersome tools. Here at Flowfit, our quick release couplings are available in a wide range of sizes and specifications to easily fit your hydraulic system’s components.
Without the ability to immediately cut off sections of your system, you run the risk of enabling permanent damage to occur. You need to make the most of high-performing and fluid-resistant hydraulic quick release couplings to ensure the security of your system. Our models of hydraulic quick release couplings are available in a range of sizes, in both female and male connective designs.

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