Wire Braid Air Pneumatic Hose



Wire Braid Air / Jackhammer / Rockdrill Hoses

We ensures burst-proof hydraulic pneumatic pressure flow, in a way, hose inner lining rubber tube is made of compounded synthetic rubber, braiding material used is either of textile dipped nylon yarn or woven ply cotton fabric and or galvanized iron wire for operating pressure rating needs, outer hose cover made of water-proof and abrasion resistant smooth or wrapped finish.
A heavy duty hose for the most demanding applications. Used with mobile air compressors to 150# working pressure.

Construction: Oil-resistant rubber tube, multi-strand steel wire reinforcement, high-visibility bright EPDM rubber cover.

Wire Air Hose is designed for rough applications in mining quarried, steel plants and construction industries where extra stregth is needed to safely handle high pressure and high volume air requirements. Construction consists of a black smooth synthetic rubber tube which is heat and oil mist resistant. Reinforcements are high tensile steel wire and the cover is smooth, long-lasting weather and abrasion-resistant synthetic rubber.

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