Water Suction Rubber Hose



Global Transmission Rubber Water Suction Hose. 
This heavy duty water suction hose is designed for use on portable pumps by contractors, quarries and mine sites.
The smooth bore tub minimizes material buildup and resists a variety of chemicals found in agricultural and sanitary industries. Slightly corrugated outer helix promotes abrasion resistance, low coefficient of friction
Application: Water suction rubber hose india is used for suction and delivery of water free from solids and muddy water, in agriculture, domestic works, dam projects and de-watering of general purpose.Paras Rubber Industries is a credible Rubber Hose Pipe manufacturers in India. We offers a wide range of Water suction rubber hose all over the world.

TYPE-1 :
: a) A rubber inner lining of natural/synthetic/ blend rubber compound, free from porosity, air blisters, or any other visible defects.
b) A reinforcement of one or more layers of natural/synthetic fibre or combination there of; applied by a suitable technique.
c) Spiral wire (Galvanized Steel Wire).
d) Abrasion resistant, outer rubber cover corrugated or smooth.
TYPE-2 :
: a) Semi-embedded internal wire.
b) A rubber inner lining.
c) A reinforcement of one or more layers of natural or synthetic fibre or combination thereof, applied by a suitable technique.
d) Abrasion resistant outer rubber cover-corrugated or smooth.
e) An external wire armouring applied in the Corrugation.
End Connections
: Each hose length has soft ends for clamping or can be supplied with built in nipple and flanges on request.

Tube: Black synthetic EPDM rubber
Reinforcement: Plies of polyester tire cord with wire helix
Cover: Smooth black weather and abrasion resistant rubber
Temperature Range: -30° to +180°F
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