Water cooled Furnace Power Cables Hoses

Asbestos coated carbon free hoses
Ceramic covered carbon free hoses
Heat Resistance carbon free hoses
Fire Resistance carbon free hoses
Carbon free hoses for Induction furnace
Carbon free hoses for Blast furnace
Carbon free hose for ARC furnace
Carbon free hose for Ferro Alloys
Carbon free hose for Ferro Manganese
Carbon free hoses for Ferro chrome



We manufacture Water cooled Furnace Power Cables Hoses in Kolkata, which are mainly using for connecting Induction Furnace, Arc Furnace, Melting Furnace and Ladle Furnace. In these cables are continuously flowing water and high current hence 100% safety to operator.

The main central core is covered by neoprene rubber carbon free hose, which is again asbestos/ceramic glass insulated to withstand high temperature, as faced in these critical areas. The cable is end socket by forged electrolytic grade 99.9% purity copper lugs available as per site application.

In the steel, metal and foundry industries, Induction equipments are being used to melt or heat different metals. This induction furnaces operate at high power, high voltage and high current. This high electrical power passes through semiconductor devices, capacitor, inductor, several copper busbar, water cooled cable, induction coil. As very high current passes through all different component it get heated up. to cool this component we have to provide water cooling or in other sense we have to pass water through these component, But this component carry very high voltage so we have to flow non conductive-distilled water and also the rubber hose, which used to supply water must be non conductive.

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