Variable Speed Belts

Specially constructed with high-modulus and fiber-loaded stock, Our variable speed V-belts offer stability and flexibility at the same time. As a result, you can expect higher load carrying capacity and prolonged belt life. What’s more, our line of banded and bandless multi-speed V-belts are suitable for all industrial, wide-speed range open pulley or enclosed variable speed drives.

Variable Speed Belts
Variable Speed Belts are dedicated V-belt with a raw edge cogged design used in transmissions. It is a continuously variable transmission belt that has side pressure resistance and flexibility. It can smoothly adapt to speed changes and provides excellent acceleration performance.
It is used not only in general industrial applications but also in two-wheeled vehicles and scooters equipped with automatic transmission functions.



The base compound consists of a polychloroprene rubber compound with reinforcing fibres inlaid transversely to the running direction. The high quality and extremely low stretch polyester or aramid tension cord is embedded in a cushion compound. It is reinforced with a fabric outer surface, and the transverse fibres incorporated provide transverse rigidity without sacrificing flexibility.
Variable speed belts are the preferred choice for infinitely variable speed control. The special belt structure allows for high dynamic loads, superior power transmission capability and good control characteristics.

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