V-Ribbed Belts

Ribbed belts
V-ribbed Belts for accessary drive
・This belt combines the high transmission of a V-belt with the flexibility of a flat belt.
・It contributes to system compactness, multi-axis layout, and small pulley diameter.

Reduced friction loss >>> Low Friction Loss Belts

 No tension pulleys needed. >>> Low Modulus Belts

 Can be used under high load conditions.  >>> High Modulus Belts

 Suppresses sound when exposed to water.   >>> Fabric Faced Belts



The V-ribbed belt drive drives the air conditioning compressor, ensuring that the temperature inside the vehicle can be regulated. It also ensures that the power steering assists the driver when steering.
V-groove belt pulleys are an essential component of many power transmission systems, providing a simple and efficient way to transfer power between a motor and other machinery. V-groove pulleys are designed with a V-shaped groove that guides the belt, providing reliable grip and reducing the risk of slippage.

The ribbed belt combines the high flexibility of the flat belt with the high performance of the V-belt. The V-shaped parallel ribs are made from a wear-resistant rubber compound. The high strength tension cord is designed for the many applications of the ribbed belt.

It is embedded in a rubber adhesive mixture and covers the entire width of the ribbed belt. Fibre reinforced, wear resistant rubber compounds ensure quiet operation, oil and heat resistance and a long belt life.

The small minimum pulley diameters are suitable for drives with high speed ratios as well as slow running drives. Ribbed belts are well suited for the use of back bend idlers, such as in serpentine drives.

High Quality Branded Poly-V multi ribbed v-belts in all sections
H Section Poly V Belts.
J Section Poly V Belts.
K Section Poly V Belts.
L Section Poly V Belts.
M Section Poly V Belts.
Megarib TB2 Poly V Belts.

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