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Thermoplastic polyurethane serves as an alternative compound to rubber with similar properties and strength, including abrasion resistance, maintaining a soft rubbery feel, and strong resistance to ozone. It won’t lose structural integrity when reprocessed multiple times and is an ideal compound choice for a wide array of manufacturing needs which demand the qualities of both rubber and plastic.
To meet the manufacturing challenges of a wide range of industries and applications, thermoplastic polyurethane offers outstanding versatility and resistance. We are an excellent choice when high abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and clarity are needed for your application.

Advantages of Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)

polyurethane provide the best balanced properties of both plastic and rubber, polyurethane products usually give decent toughness, which offer high abrasion and tear resistance. Moreover, PU products often have high elongation and tensile strength, and those properties, in certain applications, make polyurethane an excellent material choice to be used as pipe, industrial hose and pneumatic tube. For example, in automotive plants, polyurethane pneumatic tube is often used to replace nylon tube because nylon tube is easily abraded.
The high abrasion resistance of thermoplastic polyurethane is also used when producing pneumatic tube and industrial hose for transporting powders and small particle size abrasive materials. Those pneumatic tube and industrial hose can be either straightforward extruded pipe or fabricated using a mandrel and continuous wielding of a metal wire between two strips of thermoplastic polyurethane.
Comparing with other thermoplastics, polyether based thermoplastic polyurethane can combine good chemical resistance with outstanding weathering characteristics and flexibility. By adding UV stabilizer, UV stabilized tubing is outstanding for outdoor use. When PU industrial hose is used to transport pure petroleum-based chemicals at room temperature, PU industrial hose shows exceptional resistance to most gasolines, oils, kerosene…etc, making PU tubing and industrial hose an ideal choice for fuel lines.
To increase bursting loads, PU braided hose can be used in wide range of applications, which varies from fire to irrigation to garden. Depends on the end application, PU braided hoses can be made as lay-flat construction with the added advantages of thinner films bring that long lengths of hose roll to a smaller diameter and are lighter.

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