Silicon coated carbon free hoses for more life, heat, Fire & Steam Resistance

Silicon coated carbon free hoses

Asbestos coated carbon free hoses

Ceramic covered carbon free hoses

Heat Resistance carbon free hoses

Fire Resistance carbon free hoses

Carbon free hoses for Induction furnace

Carbon free hoses for Blast furnace

Carbon free hose for ARC furnace

Carbon free hose for Ferro Alloys

Carbon free hose for Ferro Manganese

Carbon free hoses for Ferro chrome



We manufacture Silicon coated carbon free hoses in Kolkata suitable for any induction melting /heating equipment as per our standard or customized design. which ultimately reduce lot in terms of power consumption. Hose pipe being used is non conductive rubber and covered by fire retardant thermal insulated cloth. All end terminal are made to meet your requirement. We offers an extremely long life through characteristics of abrasion and weather resistance. It is high flexibility together with adequate toughness to help passing the electrical cable assembly through the hose. Carbon free hose is specially designed and manufactured to take the abuse in your toughest working environments. You can always count on our carbon free hose for optimal performance at a competitive price


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