Types of Hydraulic Hoses

Spiral hydraulic hose, Braided hydraulic hose, Helical hydraulic hose, Wire-Braid Reinforced Hoses, Spiral-Wire Reinforced Hoses, Textile-Braid Reinforced Hoses, Thermoplastic Hoses, Suction Hoses, Metalic Hoses etc.



These three types of hydraulic hose are categorized by reinforcement.

Spiral hydraulic hose: The hydraulic hose consists of spiral reinforcement to add strength to the hydraulic hose, and it can be applied for high-pressure hydraulic projects.
Braided hydraulic hose: This type of hydraulic hose consists of braided reinforcement, which is made of stainless steel wire.
Helical hydraulic hose: This hydraulic hose is helically coiled with the steel wire, useful to prevent collapse working under any conditions, and you can find the helical reinforcement in the suction hose.

There are several types of hydraulic hoses, each designed to meet specific requirements based on pressure, temperature, and fluid compatibility. Some of the most common types of hydraulic hoses include:

Wire-Braid Reinforced Hoses:
These hoses are made with a wire braid reinforcement layer to provide extra strength and durability, making them ideal for high-pressure applications.

Spiral-Wire Reinforced Hoses:
These hoses are similar to wire-braid hoses but feature a spiral-wire reinforcement layer instead of a wire braid. They are also used for high-pressure applications but offer improved flexibility compared to wire-braid hoses.

Textile-Braid Reinforced Hoses:
These hoses are made with a textile braid reinforcement layer and are ideal for low to medium-pressure applications. They offer excellent flexibility and are commonly used in hydraulic systems that require tight bend radii.

Thermoplastic Hoses:
The thermoplastic hydraulic hose is made with a thermoplastic inner tube and reinforcement layer, making them resistant to high temperatures and harsh environments. They are commonly used in applications where high-pressure and high-temperature resistance is required.

Suction Hoses:
These suction hose is designed to transfer fluid from one location to another and is commonly used in applications where suction is required. They are typically made with a flexible and durable material that allows for easy installation and maneuverability.

Return Hoses:
These hoses are used to return fluid to a hydraulic system’s reservoir and are commonly made with a low-pressure, high-temperature material.

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