Sizes: 50mm to 915mm inside diameter

Lengths: Up to 15 mtr.

Applications: Highly abrasion resistant hoses used in sand and gravel pits, dredging, mining, coal, grain handling and many more industries where abrasive products are transported.

Lining: Two types of lining are available in thicknesses from 3mm to 12mm depending on the nature and severity of the application. A tan coloured gumstock 40# hard Natural rubber for fine air-borne abrasives [A402] and a black reinforced 60# hard Natural rubber for slurries and heavy abrasives such as gravel and rock [A412].

Reinforcement: Multiple layers of synthetic cord and a single steel helix, giving minimum 3.5:1 safety factor and a minimum bend radius of up to 6x bore size.

Pressure: Rated up to 20 bars working pressure. Higher working pressures are available on request. Hose assemblies are tested upon request.

Cover: Corrugated for greater flexibility. Tough weather and abrasion resistant. Two types are available, black Natural rubber for normal use or black Neoprene rubber for more extreme external conditions.
Smooth outer covers are available to accommodate external flanges.

Couplings: The following types are usually supplied where the abrasive material would excessively wear a steel hose tail: Integral flanges with steel backing plates. D section ring with two-piece split flanges and Beaded End with one-piece captive flanges.

However, a heavy duty thick walled carbon steel hose tail, wired, strapped or Built-in can be an option.



Gravel, Sand & Stone Hoses: Flexible Polyurethane, PU hoses for Aggregates handling. The hoses are manufactured in various wall thicknesses from 2.1mm to 5mm depending upon the material to transport. These Suction and transport hoses, with the highest demands of service life and abrasion resistance, are made for Glass, Gravel, Sand, Stones, Silo Loading, Cement, Quarries and other similar applications; for the suction of extremely abrasive media. Some of these hoses are also good for using in cement factories and quarries. Our aggregate hoses, with lightweight and exceptional flexibility, have been adapted and developed to make them easy to handle; and they are very long-lasting and function within a wide temperature range and under intense conditions. All of the following Masterflex aggregate hoses are excellent Gravel Hoses; and each of them has their unique advantages

Flexible rubber hose for dredging, delivery and suction of sand, water and gravel

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