Rubber Collapsible Folding & corrugated bellows

Rubber Collapsible Folding & corrugated bellows manufacturer in Kolkata ( India )



We are the manufacturer of Rubber Collapsible Folding & corrugated bellows in Kolkata ( India )

we have been continually developing our folding bellows so that today they are put to use in all kinds of different applications– for example as flexible connecting elements between skyscraper towers or as noise protection equipment during drilling operations. And we have also extended and enhanced the look of our folding bellows. Nowadays, Rubber Collapsible Folding & corrugated bellows can be seen in use in many places.

Folding bellows are exceedingly light and economical. They are used particularly often in buses, trams, monorails and in technical building applications.

Corrugated bellows have better sound insulation and heat insulation characteristics than folding bellows. Double-corrugated bellows have the same basic characteristics as single-corrugated bellows but insulate more effectively. They are also more stable and less permeable under pressure.

These are available in a complete integrated bellows model or in a rubber version. With their aerodynamic characteristics they can result in energy savings of up to 10%.

Special characteristics

  • Low weight
  • Economical
  • Particularly stable with aluminum frame
  • No transverse offsetting possible
  • With integrated roof drainage
  • U-shaped or with special tensioning element for monorails and special applications
  • Good sound and heat insulation
  • Very stable and impermeable under pressure
  • With integrated roof drainage

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