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Refineries process crude oil products into fuel products, including gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, and other similar product. These processes require hose assemblies for petroleum transfer, steam lines, and for the transfer of by-products and additives associated with refining. Corrugated metal hose is ideal for applications that require resistance to heat, corrosion, or the severity in refinery service applications.

Examples of Refinery applications that use metal hose are: Connection on Hydraulic Slide Valve of Cat Crackers – Gas Burner Connections – Lube Lines to Pumps/Bearings -Lube Oil & Grease Plant Process Lines -Metering System Flex Lines – Oil Burner Connections -Stand Pipe Connections on Cat Crackers –Steam Hose for Cleaning Tank Cars/Ships -Steam Hoses -Dock Hose

Our systems are widely used in fuel, oil system, and oil refinery facilities.

Application: Transportation of gasoline, coal oil, diesel, lubricating oil, and other mineral oil
Working temperature: -20°C to 120°C
Characteristics: oil, aging, ozone and weather resistant, anti-friction design
Guarantee period: Three months
Internal rubber layer: NBR
Reinforcement layer: High-tensile textile braided or tire cord
External rubber layer: CR and NBR blend
Working pressure: 5bar-20 bar
Electricity conduction: Acetylene carbon black or brass wires

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