Polypropylene hydraulic clamps



Global Transmission offers a range of Pipe Clamps manufactured by Global Clamping of pipes in installations is required to dampen vibrations, provide support to the installation and prevent loosening of the joints/welds. Our Clamps, with their unique 4-rib construction design, prevent the transmission of vibrations from the pipe to the frame and vice-versa. They also provide rigid support to the pipe, both in lateral and longitudinal directions, relieving stresses caused by unequal movements in the pipeline. The material of the pipe clamps differs to suit working conditions – from relatively cold conditions to temperatures up to 500C. Heavy Duty Pipe ClampsHeavy Duty Pipe Clamps are used in installations where heavy pipes and high vibrations are encountered. They are invariably used for trench layout of pipes and in open-weather conditions.Heavy Duty Pipe Clamps are available with weld plate mounting for all sizes and for channel mounting with special “T” nuts for pipe sizes up to 1″ or 38 mm OD. Channels are available in lengths of 1/2″ meter and are economical for multiple mounting on a single channel. Both the weld plate and the channel mounting designs are available only with a top plate in view of the heavy vibration and loading encountered.They are available in a vertical mounting arrangement or a horizontal multi-clamp arrangement wither back to back or run. Standard Duty Pipe ClampsStandard Duty Pipe Clamps are used in installations having average loading with relatively light vibration in the system. These clamps are ideal for machine tool applications and in instrumentation piping. The clamps may be used without the top plate for reasons of economy where there is low/no vibration.Standard Duty Pipe Clamps are also available for channel mounting with special “T” nuts. Channels are available in lengths of V% meter and are useful for multiple clamping on a single base. They also allow flexibility of clamping where the pitch between the pipes is

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