Non Conductive Thermoplastic R7 Hoses



Thermoplastic hose are compatible with many eco-fluids and biodegradable fluids, including many new ecological hydraulic oils, as used more often in the industry. Although these fluids are positive for the environment thanks to their ecological properties, at the same time they can be extremely aggressive on hoses, especially on traditional rubber hoses. It is everybody’s responsibility to respect our environment. In this way it is important to consider that Transfer Oil thermoplastic hoses, after their service life, can be recycled as raw material for non engineered products. A responsible choice for our future.


Compact, Medium pressure, light weight and low change in length. Suitable for hydraulic application with increased resistance to abrasion. For use with petroleum, synthetic or water based fluids in hydraulic systems. Suitable for Ferro Plants, Steel mills, Furnaces, Earthmoving, Safety, Rescue and material handling equipments. Can be used for industrial gases and other applications.

Is also recommended for general on-shore equipment working in high humidity environment.

Thermoplastic hoses – medium and high pressure hoses made of thermoplastic polymers (most often of polyester, polyamide, polyurethane) with one or two textile or steel wire braids as reinforcement.

Features of thermoplastic hose:

very low weight (even up to 60% lighter than rubber hoses), compact structure (small outside diameter in proportion to the internal one), small bending radius, good chemical resistance of the internal layer to hydraulic oil and chemicals, very smooth internal layer hardly affects flow rate, resistant to ageing, ozone and ultraviolet radiation.

The external layer is usually made of abrasion resistant polyurethane.

One or two braids of aramid fiber


Polyurethane – black – pinpricked – white inkjet branding


-40 °C to +100
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