Heat Resistant EAF Water Hose



Designed for use in furnace, roof, LMF or Caster mold water supply and return applications, heat / flame resistant EAF Water Hose is ideal for systems where torsion movement, vibration, water hammer or heat fatigue lead to unsatisfactory metal hose performance. The elastomeric characteristics absorb and dissipate torsion movement, vibration, and water hammers. The fiberglass cover can be configured to dissipate the maximum amount of heat possible. EAF Water Hoses can be furnished with flanges, beaded ends and back up rings or built in nipples with flanges or male pipe threads.Heat resistant Water Hose can be built to resist abrasive wear caused by hose-to hose friction, or resulting from hoses rubbing on furnace infrastructure. Utilizing a vulcanized spiral bumper along specific portions of the hose minimizes damage to fiberglass hose covers.Water Hose can be built to accommodate a heat differential along the length of the hose. The basic Water Hose relies upon 1 or 2 plies of vulcanized fiberglass over its entire length. In order to address a varying heat profile, up to (4) plies of heat resistant fiberglass can be vulcanized over a specific portion of the hose, at each end of the hose, or over the entire hose length.

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