Goodyear Flat belts



Product Code : 21

Flat belts are made of non-woven (needled) polyester and impregnated with a special rubber Latex. This provides excellent resistance to abrasion and cutting, low noise and minimal stretch when sized and tensioned properly. The material also has very good resistance to oils, fats and chemical agents.

  1. Covers provide friction to drive the material into the bale plus protect the carcass (plies and skims). No matter what product you are transporting or using belt for, exposed plies will dramatically shorten belt life.
  2. Skim Coats are the critical thin bonding layers of material and adhesive that are applied between the Plies to bond the Plies together. Skim Coats that do not perform perfectly with the flex and resiliency characteristics of the Plies result in premature belt failure. Exceptional belt life performance in the field under extreme baling conditions comes from a perfect engineered bond created at exactly the right temperature, pressure, tension, and time.

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