Food, Milk and Dairy Hoses



Producers of food, milk and dairy products insist upon Food, Milk and Dairy Tubing for dependable performance in countless filling, draining, transfer and processing applications. Its smooth, non-porous bore inhibits particle entrapment, promoting a sanitary fluid path by minimizing potential for bacterial growth. It has outstanding resistance to harsh alkaline cleaners and is equally unaffected by commonly used sanitizers.

Non-toxic, taste-free and odor-free, Food, Milk and Dairy Tubing meets applicable regulatory standards for contact with food products. Offering complete clarity for positive visual inspection and flow control, it is available in up to a 6″ inside diameter, making it a flexible replacement for rigid piping systems.

Features / Benefits:

  • Smooth, non-porous bore will not trap particulates or promote bacterial growth 
  • Compatible with foods containing a high oil content 
  • Resistant to harsh alkaline cleaners and sanitizers 
  • Excellent alternative to rigid piping systems

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