Export Quality carbon free hose Manufacturer



Our range of Export Quality Carbon Free Hose Pipe is being Recommended for: With excellent low leakage current less than 20micro amps. At 6000v. D.C. Carbon free hose is recommended for furnace coolant and electrical cable coolant applications in steel industry and other non-conductive applications.These Carbon Free Hose Pipe are specially designed for services in iron/steel mills, glass works, electrical furnaces and out fields where the hose is required to be resistant to heat, radiation and splashes of hot metal. The tube is made out of white and black non conductive rubber compound. Rubberized and woven textile fabrics of natural and synthetic variety are used to reinforce the tube.1. Carbon Free HoseThese are used to cover power cables in steel mills, glass work and other, as these are non-conductive (electric) hoses. These avert damage and loss of electric current in power cables, when exposed to open flame splashes or hot metal during radiation.2. Cable Coolant Hose Plain Or Asbestos CoverThese cover power cables for additional protection, when exposed to extreme temperature, radiation from steel furnace, open flames and others.3. Furnace Coolant Asbestos Covered / Ceramic covered HoseThese are heat resistant and suitable in areas like steel mills, glass works, electrical furnaces and more. These protect the cables when exposed for heat radiation, splashes of hot metal and open flames.

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