Asbestos Covered Carbon Free Hoses



Product Code : 09

Global Transmission Carbon Free Hose offers an extremely long life through characteristics of Abrasion and Weather Resistance. You get high flexibility together with adequate toughness to help passing the electrical cable assembly through the hose. Carbon Free Hose is specially designed and manufactured to take the abuse in your toughest working environments. You can always count on us Carbon Free Hose for optimal performance at a competitive price.


Our Experts developed this specialized product with the innovation of new rubber based compounds required to meet the demanding performance requirements in Furnace Coolant Applications. Carbon Free Hose is a highly efficient product which offers features like low leakage current (less than 20 Micro Amp. at 6 KV D.C.) and significantly longer life.

Recommended for : With excellent low leakage current
less than 20 Micro Amp. at 6000V D.C., Carbon
Free Hose is recommended for Furnace Coolant &
Electrical Cable Coolant Applications in Steel Industry and
other non-conductive applications.

Service Temperature Range : 200oC.


Tube : Specialized Synthetic Rubber, Grey color.
Cover : Specially Compounded Nitrile, Green color.
Reinforcement : High Tenacity Synthetic Yarn.

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